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Adaptory is a 2D base-building/simulation/survival game where you're looking after a crew of four explorers who have crash landed on a procedurally generated planetoid in deep space.

In order to survive, you're challenged to build a home and ultimately a community in this complex environment, and along the way learn more about the unique characters in your crew.

  • Play with a deep physics simulation that includes gravity, temperature, density, viscosity, phase transitions, and more than 40 different materials
  • Give instructions to your explorers to build up a thriving base, using the materials around you. Each explorer has unique strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, and their own diary chronicling their experiences
  • Connect your electric networks to power up your systems, set up your food and water sources, and include automation and sustainability to ensure your long-term survival
  • Windows + Mac OS

This is a demo showing off some of the basic characters and gameplay systems, and I'd love to hear your feedback! We're working hard getting the game ready for Steam Early Access in 2025. (It'll be on itch.io too!)

 The Adaptory alpha is on Steam too, and may be more up-to-date.



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am still waiting for android version .🙏




Hello! Adaptory is not planned to come to Android any time soon, but after we release Early Access it might be possible - our engine has native Android and iOS support. Performance will probably be the hardest part.

Are there plans for a non-Steam release of the full game? I prefer not to use that platform.

Here or GOG.com, maybe?


Yes, absolutely! Both Early Access and 1.0 will be released on at least Steam and itch.io, possibly GOG, possibly Epic too. I really like itch 🥰

Is there something I'm running wrong? performance seems to be weak and the FPS is in the single digits, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong on my end.

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I am experiencing the same issue. My performance is not quite single digits, but it gets in the 20s and sometimes even 10s, and i can run large 3d games at 150 - 200. Its strange and i dont think this is an issue on our side. The only thing i could think to say is play in fullscreen not windowed as that will give you the best performance.

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am playing in fullscreen, I've turned off all the things that could lead to lag.
I am averaging around 3 fps ingame.
My (shitty) hypothesis is that it's because of the language the game runs on, either that or it is something bloating performance.

i reckon its just poorly optimised

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Hi! Are you running on a Mac? M1/M2 has terrible performance right now because it's emulating x86_64. This will be fixed eventually with an official JPackage ARM release: https://bugs.openjdk.org/browse/JDK-8310589 (and if not ready in time, I'll have to find a way to build Aarch64 binaries)

I don't have an M1/M2 to test with yet but I've heard running the desktop jar directly using an Aarch64 JVM can increase performance up to 10x. Some peeps on our Discord are exploring a solution.

I'm not happy with the performance yet, there's a lot more to do in future releases, but am generally trying to avoid premature optimisation. I expect to get performance up by 1-3 orders of magnitude before EA (this is still an Alpha!). Please watch this space, performance is important to me!!

no im on windows 11 and i have a good laptop

Hi! Are you running on a Mac? Please see my earlier post about M1/M2 performance!

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Windows 10.
and specs:


Thank you for sharing! It sounds like that's an integrated graphics card? Adaptory doesn't play well on integrated graphics yet (see the readme.txt), but will be in the future.


I was recommended your game on steampeek  and couldn't help but to notice that your game is quite similar to Oxygen Not Included. I would think nothing about it, but you have not mentioned said game on your steam page nor on  your itch page. I think it would be better to mention it at least once or (even better) try to make your game more separate.


Thank you, Arlennn! I've never heard of Steampeek, thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely update the Steam page with your feedback, and yes, Adaptory is going to be quite distinct to Oxygen Not Included as we add more systems and content :)


I love this game

Awwwwww! Thank you 🥰


There is a problem when I delete an object it sometimes crashes on mac and also thank you for the steam key :)

Thank you! Yes I think I've fixed this crash in the next version coming out soon :)


Cute, colourful, well thought out and I think, even if that's not really my style, the game has potential. I certainly haven't seen everything yet, I'm curious to see what else there is to discover and what's to come! :)


Thank you, Jen! 😊

Can't believe how much you did to the game over the past months. My itch feed showed 99+ notifications and when I got reminded of your game by seeing one of your past updates on there I HAD to come back and take a look. 

I never thought you'd continue to work on it long-term because it was so good already at the time I checked it out. 

Am I mixing things up: Wasn't this done for a Jam and your wife drew the art quite in a hurry? Slap me if I am wrong, please, I am only 15% sure atm :D

You blew my mind - you came so far!! Really proud of you